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Designasaurus II is an educational simulation game with action elements, playing in the far future. It enables you to create your own dinosaurs and then teleport them to different time geological time periods, in quest of hidden dinosaur geneprints.

One of the best and most original edutainment titles ever made, Designasaurus II is the superior sequel to Britannica's Designasaurus, the unique "dinosaur sim" for the Commodore 64. Forget modern dinosaur games -- Designasaurus II lets you BE one instead of just learning about these animals. Your job is to first create a dinosaur, then guide it through the five ecozones to avoid extinction.

The game actually starts out with a plot: the Foundation needs your help to send a dinosaur, created by you, back in time to find the missing geneprints before Jurassic Park becomes a reality on Earth. If you don't know what a geneprint is, you will after finishing your first mission. The controls are intuitive, and the game is both challenging and unique enough that kids of all ages will enjoy creating and controlling dinosaurs for hours on end. You will learn a lot of interesting information about these intriguing animals in the process, while having fun -- the hallmark of good edutainment. Too bad there is no other game like it even today... I for one would love to see a remake of this old game :)

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