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This is an educational history game based on the Spanish exploration of America. You are placed on the shoes of a conquistador as he explores the southeastern region of North America, by selecting regions to explore from a map and picking up any gold and knowledge you find on the way. The game uses basic adventure gameplay with trading and interaction as the main objective and along the way you'll be treated to subtle history lessons regarding early native and colonial life via the continuous exploration.

You are an explorer in the New World. At the very beginning you are greeted with the "Symphony of the New World" (by Antonin Dvorak). Next, the computer tells you why, when and how you got there, and what your mission is.

It is quite simple, really: You landed in Florida (as one of the Spanish expeditions really did) and will discover new territories. At the end you must return to the Gulf of Mexico in time, otherwise the ship that should take you back to Europe will be gone!

On your expedition you will encounter many natives. They will be either friendly or unfriendly (you'll see the number in the bottom left corner). If they are at least neutral, you can explore that place (finding new plants and animals - and naming them).

From time to time you'll also need to rest and trade for supplies. You can also plunder, but that won't get you far!

There are several quizzes within the game, that you must answer - for extra points. Read everything that appears on the screen, because at the end, your knowledge will be tested - again for extra points. There is also another bonus - there are four pieces of a medallion you should try and find.

I'd give Discovering America a 4. It's a nice game, and you can learn a lot, but once you reach the top score... you probably won't go back and replay it!

Discovering America is a fun game that is derivative of MECC's famous Oregon Trail, but offers many innovations of its own. Designed for children aged 8 and up, this adventure for children combines American history and geography in an exciting game. You are a Spanish explorer who has just set foot on America's shore. You will trudge through swamplands, deal with alligators, and battle time and the elements - all while building an exploration route through early America. As you (or your cihld) explore the New World and learns about its cultures and events, you will come across many factoids and interesting anecdotes that encompass a wide range of subjects, from (historical) survival tips, to Indian culture. As in Oregon Trail, you must always keep track of your resources and plan to replenish or trade them wisely, lest you perish in the harsh environment. Fortunately, Discovering America has no arcade elements, so those who were frustrated with Oregon Trail's many arcade sequences will be relieved. Overall, this is a good product with very high production values that does achieve its aim, although not by innovation.

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