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Eagle Eye Mysteries is an educational game which incorporates some unique gameplay ideas not seen in many other games. A bit like Law and Order for kids, the game has over 50 different mysteries to solve, ranging from missing items to dug up skeletons to mysterious sea monster sightings to sculpture forgeries.

With the help of Jake and Jennifer Eagle, you must interrogate suspects, gather information, and then decide on the culprit. Though intended to help improve reading comprehension and problem solving skills, Eagle Eye Mysteries can be a challenge for adults as well.

Eagle Eye Mysteries is a simple mystery game in which you try to discover the reasons for the strange occurrences around town. You play the role of a member of the Eagle Eye Detective Agency, and you are assisted by the club's two other members, the twins Jesse and James. Locals come to you asking for help in figuring out these strange events that are happening.

It's a simple point-and-click game made for a younger audience. The game is not all that hard if you take some time to think things through. Every person you meet in the game has a voice actor, which is quite interesting for younger children, as it helps keep their interest better than having to read everything. The graphics look like they come straight out of a kids' comic book, with bright, cheerful colors. Because the game was created for a younger audience, everything you need to examine and everyone you need to talk to are highlighted. The controls are simple: you click on things you want to look at and people you want to talk to. If you want to take a look at your notes or attempt to solve the case, click on the hand-held computer your assistant is carrying, and if you want to head to another location, click on your assistant's shoes. You can choose between Jesse and James as your assistant when you start the game, but this has no effect upon the game other than giving your assistant a different voice.

There are many different mysteries to solve within the game, and when you complete one "book" of mysteries, the next book becomes available. Unfortunately, the various "books" of mysteries are just harder versions of the ones in the first book, with a couple of new mysteries thrown in occasionally. Each time you open the game, you are asked to select a saved-game profile, which keeps track of your individual progress and automatically saves the game at the end of each mystery. Each profile is separate, so one person can't accidentally save over someone else's.

When you attempt to solve a case, you are given a list of all the clues you have discovered and are asked to select a certain number of clues as the most important. After selecting the clues, if you are correct, you are then asked to select the culprit. If you are correct again, you solve the mystery and can move on to another, while if you are wrong, you have to try again. It is impossible to actually lose a game, as you can always replay a mystery. The complete list of mysteries is quite long, can take a long time to complete, and may seem repetitive, because many of the harder mysteries are repeats of the easy mysteries with different culprits and fewer clues.

In conclusion, this is a great game for young kids, as well as those interested in solving mysteries. Unfortunately, the puzzles are rather simple for adults, and they could probably breeze through the game with little effort. The voice acting is well done, and anyone can easily jump right in and play.

One of the best edutainment titles ever that both kids and adults will enjoy, Eagle Eye Mysteries is a fun detective game released under the now-defunct "EA*Kids" label. The game stars young detectives Jake and Jennifer of the Eagle Eye Detective Agency. You can choose to pair with either Jennifer or Jake to solve crimes in Richview, searching for clues and questioning witnesses. There are over 50 cases, ranging from missing items to "Case of the Ghostly Ghost." To bring the culprits to justice, players use their detective's notebook to prove the case through motive, means, and opportunity. In each engaging mystery, children hone their reading comprehension and problem-solving skills, while picking up science and history facts along the way. With the cases progressively harder to solve, the children's interest is always held and upon the successful completion, positive reinforcement is doled out appropriately by printing the detective's name and your solved crimes in a scrapbook that can be saved and viewed at any time.

Even years after its release, this game and its sequel Eagle Eye Mysteries in London remains high on many schools' lists of recommended CD-ROM products. If any edutainment title deserves to be called "classic," this is it.

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