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Foxtrot Delta is a fun and unique edutainment game that teaches kids about Australia geography and history, as well as medical facts about major diseases. The game casts you as a doctor/pilot working for Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), a wonderful airborne medical service founded by Reverend John Flynn in 1928. As a flying doctor, your job is to help prevent outbreak of deadly diseases by tracking down the carrier to the right location in Australia, diagnose the disease, and administer the correct antidote.

The game plays like a combination of Carmen Sandiego and the diagnosis portion of Life & Death. Once you receive an urgent radio message from the RFDS, you must take off in your plane (named "Foxtrot Delta," hence the game's name), travel to the right location, and start interviewing the locals to track down the disease carrier. In the process, you will learn snippets on the history and cultures of various cities in Australia. The diagnosis part of the game is simpler than in Life & Death, although you still need to remember salient facts and select the right antidote.

Foxtrot Delta is overall an interesting and unique title that manages to teach several subjects in the same program. It is not as varied or graphically appealing as Gumboots Australia or Bushbuck Charms, Reckon's two other major education games, but it is still worth a look. It is also worth noting - and applauded - that portion of the proceeds from the sale of this game was donated to the RFDS. This is a great idea, and definitely should inspire more game companies to follow suit.


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