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It's amazing how much hype is generated within the computer industry due to the Olympics. This month alone, we've seen enough athletic type sports games to last us a lifetime. And, just when you thought that the last competitor had entered the final straight, enter Ocean from the back of the field with the one challenger that might just pip the Carl Lewis's and the Summer Games's to the finishing tape!

Typically, Ocean have devised an epic simulation and once you've read some of the following game statistics, you'll probably be a little surprised to discover that it fits quite comfortably onto four 880K disks. So, what makes it so much bigger than any other Olympic tie-in?

The scope of the presentation is mind-blowingly bewildering and you could quite easily spend a couple of days examining the abundance of facts, figures and diagrams, all of which are available from a user friendly database provided. All the facts from every Olympic games are provided. So, if you want to know who won the 100 metre sprint in 1912 (probably Carl Lewis! - Ed.) or discover that a terrorist attack ruined the games in 1972, you can, by simply accessing the plethora of stored information.

But surely the most important aspect of computer entertainment is the actual gameplay. Thankfully, Espona '92 is just as well endowed in this area. In total, there's about thirty events, which are split up in varying groups (track and field, swimming and diving, boxing, wrestling, judo and fencing). I say "about", because to tell you the truth I'm not entirely sure how many full single events are provided for you!

Before participating in any event you must decide whether to on the role of team manager. If you select the latter option, you can still take part in each sport, but you'll hove to overlook all the others. If you don't want to take part in any of the events, you can simply sit back and hope that your training programme has been a success.

So, once you've chosen your country and what position you want to take up in the team, the action con commence. Well, almost. Firstly, you must check your diary and check the events listing. Every event is taken directly from the '92 games. Even the dates and times of each heat are incredibly accurate and up to date!!

A strict training program is also of vital importance, particularly of you re not prepared to waggle your way through the Olympic games. Once in the gym you can click on your athlete to increase the time he spends per day exercising. Although there are plenty of events the control system for each is fairly similar. Generally, if you're good at waggling the joystick or hitting keys in quick succession, you're in with a good chance.

The running events are straightforward waggling affairs, while the field sports, like the javelin, require good fire button timing combined with fast waggling. The more skilled the events become, the greater is the emphasis on intricate joystick controls. After each event or at the end of the day, the medals table is updated and displayed.

The sporting purists among you are certainly in for a treat, thanks to the bewildering depth of Espania '92. Never before have I seen an athletics game with so many intricacies, facts and figures. Coupled with the sheer abundance of events and the authenticity of the management element, Espania '92 must go down as the most complete athletics simulation of all time. Excellent.

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