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Operation Frog is an educational title where players explore the inner body of a frog. You can choose between a male and female frog in the References section. There are two game modes: Dissect and Reconstruct. In Dissect mode, players have to cut open the frog's body and remove its organs; and in Reconstruct mode, players have to put the already removed organs back to the frog's body in the correct order. This game offers you scissors, a probe, a magnifying glass and tweezers - the necessary tools for your work. The scissors (not available in Reconstruct section) help you cut the frog's body and remove organs, the probe gives you hints of where to cut (in Dissect section) or which part to place first (in Reconstruct section), the magnifying glass gives you information about each organ, and the tweezers help you move the organs. You don't have to remove all the organs to see their information as you can look them up anytime at the Frog File Index section. You can also see the arrangement of the organs at the OptiFrog section. The game offers players a saving function.

"Ah, there's nothing like the smell of formaldehyde in the morning!" Operation Frog is not really a game, but it is such a unique and creative program that I felt it was worthy of some attention.

Operation Frog brings backs memories - not necessarily fond ones - of that Biology class in high school where you sliced open a frog to investigate the various inner parts. Maybe they don't have that rite of passage in school Biology classes anymore, but I remember it well.

Using your scissors, probe, magnifying glass and tweezers, you will dissect or reconstruct the internal organs of a male or female frog. Don't croak... there's no blood and guts here. Help is available in-line that explains all the tools and concepts of the program.

Operation Frog also features an excellent reference on each organ, with diagrams, labeled parts, and related information. It is "toadly" loaded with useful information. This would be an excellent tool for writing a research paper for class.

It is also an excellent resource for home schooled students who might not otherwise be able to play doctor on a real frog. This program has all the teaching benefits and no smell.

Whether you are looking for something different and unique, or hoping to gross out your little sister, or wanting to learn more about the anatomy of frogs, Operation Frog is an excellent educational program. Now hop to it and dissect a frog!

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