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This educational title aims to test your knowledge of the geography of the USA as a game. The country is shown as a map with all the states. It is possible to practice first to study the state names and the names of their capitals before playing the game.

See the USA is a solid early geography program designed to teach kids the names and locations of major US cities, capitals, and states. The program is quite straightforward: the game tells you the origin and destination city/state, and your goal is to get to the destination by naming the correct sequence of cities/states to travel to. For example, if you start in California and your goal is to get to New York, typing "Nevada" will move you one step closer to the destination. You can practice before starting the real game, and turn the timer on (i.e. giving you a time limit) for more challenge. There is also a standard quiz program in case you don't want to bother playing the map.

All in all, See the USA does what it sets out to do: teach kids the basics of USA map in a fun way. Too bad the program does not include factoids to make it a deeper game, but if all you want to do is teach your kids the names and locations on USA map, See the USA is more than adequate.

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