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In Wild Science Arcade, kids learn about physics by maneuvering a ball using four variable settings: gravity, friction, ball material and initial force. Although it resembles visually the classic Marble Madness, the gameplay is easier, aimed at the younger gamer.

The game is divided in 5 levels, each with several rooms. You progress by guiding the ball to the exit hole in each of this rooms. After you complete each level, you receive a warp code for the next one, thus requiring some degree of literacy from the child.

School is back in the house sucker and this time you will learn!

Wild Science Arcade is an educational game which tries to be fun while teaching you things, but you might not learn just as much as you could.

You are an assistant at science classes. You and your classmate Edison will conduct experiments. You'll be in charge of the machinery.

The point of the game is, to get the ball from one end of the room to another while completing some tasks on the way.

Apart from aiming and shooting the ball (which would be nothing more then a miniature golf clone) you can change the physics of the room. At first you will be able to only change the power of the shot (and naturally aim), but later on you will be able to change the material of the ball, the friction and the gravity of the room. Not all possibilities will be available in all rooms.

The ball will respond accordingly to the physics of the room. If you lover the gravity below zero, the ball will start floating toward the ceiling and if you choose a stone or iron ball and really increase the gravity you'll hardly move the ball at all.

So this is basically a science experiment of how different materials react to one another in different environments.

The game is somewhat challenging and it is more likely that you'll try different environmental settings and play a shot, instead of calculating it all carefully. That is why I guess the game is not much more educational then a slightly more advanced miniature golf. Still it's quite fun and it might keep you busy for a while.

This is a fun game that, as the title suggests, combines science and arcade almost flawlessly. In short, this game is the scientists' version of arcade classic Marble Madness. The objective is simple: maneuver the ball on an isometric plane to various targets. You must alter the force, gravity level, and use various gadgets (e.g. magnets) to reach the targets. All scientific principles are explained in layman's terms, and the graphics and animations are excellent.

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