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We all know the old joke about the first program that is ever released for a new computer: Reversi. If that's true - and it is if you think about it - then the main contender for the second has got to be Pacman, or in this case Footman. It's been a long time coming, and the thing is, was it worth the wait? Well, sort of.

What you get from TopDown in this case is a hog standard Pacman clone with very few frills. You use joystick or cursor keys and troll off round a whole bunch of mazes - you get 50 on the disc -while being pursued by some arthritic ghosties. Yup, there are dots, power pills which give you the ability to put the ghosties out of their misery, and wraparound corridors that'll take you from one end of the screen to the other.

Gameplay, when you get down to it, is not particularly fast or startlingly responsive. So far, so standard, but the redeeming feature of Footman is the comprehensive Maze Editor. This lets you design your own mazes in which to weeble, providing all sorts of opportunities to shock maiden aunts and generally be terribly rude.

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