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Although Air Support can certainly be classed as a simulator, it takes a different approach normally avoided by software houses -wireframe graphics.

That's right. If you're looking for fancy head-up-displays and compacted instrument panels then look elsewhere. Although the effect does take a while to become accustomed to, you soon get used to it and eventually to like it.

The flying and ground force sequences are secondary to the strategy side of the game. The battle map is where most of the strategy takes place. From here you can call up the databases on vehicle types, view the mission briefing and direct your units into bloody combat.

Before you can enter into the war theatre you are required to complete 20 missions thot will allow you time to become familiar with the game controls, organisation of military units and their control The training sims work on on a pass/fail system. If your progress line drops through the 45 degree angle you will have failed in your simulation tests. Success means promotion to the war theatre where you will be presented with the true battle map.

Enemy units are shown on the map in red with individual symbols used for tanks and planes. Your own units are seen in blue with the some symbol combinations. Directives are made by clicking waypoints. This is performed by clicking on the target and then on the unit you wish to engage the target with. That particular plane or tank will then head towards its designated target. From this point you can then switch to view mode where you will be able to see the action from the cockpit of the vehicles, whether tanks or planes.

Material success

Direct control con be taken of a vehicle although this is only recommended if you have passed the training missions with reasonable success.

Your core of production is the colony base which must be protected from enemy attack at all times. From the colony you can build new and advanced weapons as well as keeping the air and ground forces well stocked. Obviously this takes time so the colony must be built first in order to implement fast production of war materials for supply to the troops.

You control your units from the mothership where the battle map is situated The mothership should be protected at all costs so combat should be avoided. This doesn't stop you from infiltrating the enemy's colony and mothership and blowing them to oddly-shaped pieces. This is your main objective in Air Support - the destruction of the enemy's factories and complex and eventually their mothership, so grizzled warriors out there are in for some fun!

To produce a game in wireframe is a daring move but this has succeeded. It can be watched in 3D using 3D glasses which is extremely impressive. The scenario itself may wear a little thin after a while but there are plenty of different missions to keep you going provided you give the game some time. Learn to play and devote effort to Air Support and you will be richly rewarded.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (2.85 MB).


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