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Heimdall 2 is without a doubt the best of its kind. It's got just the right balance between action, adventure and puzzle solving. You won't have to plod around for long before finding a quest to solve, and there will without a doubt be puzzles in there somewhere with nasty things to fight along the way. Groans only really come in the form of disk swapping grumbles - with the three disks getting a fair old work out - but other than this slight mew of disgruntlement, I've no real negative comments to make. The control system is pretty instinctive, with a good feel for your character. The mouse takes over for inventory and spell casting incidents. The puzzles are very nice, breaking up into a number of stages (i.e, some will be completed in a few steps, while others take ages of gameplay) and the ongoing 'quest for runes' keeps magic freaks like myself on constant look out. The combat is a little bit limited, a bit of hacking and archery and generally you'll find you can get through most fights without too many scratches by ducking and diving a lot and aiming the odd hefty swipe - just watch out for those muthas with claws! Ursha doesn't really add too much to the proceedings in all honesty, and I found myself switching to her when I thought something nasty was about to happen (what a gent!). The one downer is that if one of your characters dies, you loose all your objects. So, if you've played the majority of the game as Heimdall, only he really has a full inventory, leaving the survivor without weapons, or rune spells. I don't want to end this verdict on a minus, so once again, Heimdall 2 is completely ace.

"Into the Hall of Worlds". The adventure continues, but at this time with AGA powered graphics. Very nice levels and isometric scenes. You can change shape into male/female as you go along.

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