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Card games aren't everybody's idea of entertainment at the best of times -even less so when they don't actually feature real cards but come on a disk instead.

I had certain reservations about this game before I'd even taken it out of the box. You can't blame me though. It's a fair whack of cash to pay out when you compare it to a 50p pack of cards from the local Newsy. However, that was before I discovered the tutorial mode.

Rather than buying these games to play competitive cards, it's a much bettor idea using them to learn how to play properly against real people. If you're constantly getting trounced by friends and end up handing cash over all the time, a few hours on this game will help you turn things around.

Over the two volumes you can learn the finer arts of various solitaire games, cribbage, crazy 8's and plenty of games you've probably never heard of. Considering this isn't what you'd call a zappy licence, the programmers have gone to great lengths to dress it up too.

There are plenty of opponents to go up against, different card decks to choose from and set-up options for almost every aspect of the game; from dealing speed to how fast you want your opponent's cameo to animate. Unless you're a card addict with a passion for gin rummy, there's a limited amount of fun you can have with this. But for giving your mates a shock by suddenly becoming audaciously good at cards, it's priceless.

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