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Although this sequel to Dungeon Master is technically a stand alone game, those who haven't grappled long and hard with the original would be ill advised to get involved. Firstly because the instructions are less than helpful and frequently advise you to refer to the Dungeon Master instructions.

Secondly, and more importantly, this game is so tough that novices are unlikely to get beyond the front door. Take the first room for example: about seven square feet of concrete, 90 squat, thick, oily, snake things looking like Dougal with teeth, lots of doors, no keys, no clothes, no objects, no weapons. No bloody hope. Unless you boot up the second 'cunning' disk which, alongside providing a build-a-character kit, has a magical, mystical Oracle. This Norris McWhirter of the fantasy world gives you infuriatingly 'cryptic' clues and prophecies, that add the 'myst' to mystical fantasy. In all, a jolly outing for the Amiga into Hobbit land, with only the clearer sound distinguishing it from the ST version.

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