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Chip's life was not fulfilled. He would wander aimlessly about the corridors of his school, his mind full of images. Those images had a name, the name of Melinda. Some saw Chip as a dreamy character, while others perceived much more deeper feelings of sadness and despair.

Nobody knew of Chip's secret admiration for Melinda, and so far as Chip was concerned, nobody would ever know. He never imagined that Melinda would even look at him, let alone go out with him. One day, however, the lady of all his love approached Chip. After quickly recovering from the shock of the first few initial moments. Chip began to see little red hearts floating before his eyes.

Amid all his intense passion and thoughts, he could hear Melinda talking softly to him, explaining that she wanted Chip to join the Bit Busters, a computer club that she was involved with. Chip accepted the offer with some glee, but there was one final barrier to overcome. To become a dub member, he had to complete a special challenge that had been set before him. The challenge had been split into a number of tasks but, essentially, the aim was the same. Chip's challenge was to collect all the microchips that had been discarded about various locations.

At first, Chip thought that the task ahead wasn't really a problem. In fact, he found it relatively easy. It was only later that he realised the complexity of the problem. A lot of logic and puzzle solving was required, and although he was by no means unintelligent. Chip discovered just how much brainpower was needed for seemingly simple scenarios. There were many times when Chip wanted to return home and forget the challenge, but the thought of being with Melinda in the club, spurred him on. Did Chip eventually succeed? Well, it is your responsibility to ensure he does.

You must guide Chip through the vast number of levels. By collecting certain objects, you will be able to bypass water and fire barriers, unlock doors, and many other useful activities. There are also small creatures and other moving objects that will not attack Chip, but if he should walk into their path, they will have no hesitation whatsoever in disposing of him.

The controls are simply up, right, left, and down. With Chip being a rather shy, placid character, he doesn't possess a gun or any other weapon you care to think of. He must, therefore, dodge any oncoming projects or nasty for if he doesn't, hell have to begin the level again.

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