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Ooger Booger! Is the sort of noises you would expect to hear from Core Designs' new character, Chuck Rock is set in the middle of the stone-age when little birds are used for clothes pegs and the invention of the wheel has just been announced on the news.

Chuck has a dilemma, his lovely, sexy and, lets face it, quite nice wife Ophelia has just been wife-napped by the evil character Gary Gritter. The scene is set, Ophelia is hanging out the washing, while Gary is snooping around in the bushes, quickly Gary dashes out and hits Ophelia on the head with his club, she is then dragged off with Gary pulling on her hair.

Meanwhile our hero Chuck is indoors watching the news, he senses something is going on so he quickly rushes out (forgetting he has no clothes on) and looks around, fortunately a bird saw what happened and informs Chuck of the direction that Gary disappeared in, quick as a flash Chuck goes to the nearest bush and makes a home-made loin cloth and sets off to the rescue...

AS SOON AS YOU SEE CHUCK and the rest of the cast strumming away on their electric guitars accompanied by a 'ROCK' track, you'll instantly realise that humor is the key element of this game. The main character is very well animated with over 40 frames which include movements such as walking (obviously), jumping, picking up and throwing a rock - and even being blown across the screen by a mammoth! Sonically, the player is treated to a choice of either in-game effects or music: it doesn't really matter which one you pick, as both are equally as good, the music being along the same lines as the aforementioned intro track (which is the sort of thing anyone would want to boogie on down to) while some of the effects have to be heard to be believed. It's obvious that Core Design has spent a great deal of time on the thought, design and general preparation of this game - so the player is going to have to put a little in too: for example, at one point you come to what seems like an impossibly large gap and the only things to be seen are a Pterodactyl nodding off and an unreachable ridge -what do you do? Simple, you belly-butt the Pterodactyl and he'll whizz you across the gap while clutching onto your locks (Ouch!). With the program containing over 500 frames of animation in total, there are plenty of 'baddies' to 'belly-butt' or 'fly-kick' with your size 14 feet, ranging from 'blue-waddlers' to 'flying bone-birds'. If you don't take your computer too seriously, you fancy a great laugh and lashings of stomping, puzzle-solving and general fun and chaos, then this is definitely the game for you. A must for anyone's collection.

Firstly I would like to point out that this was one of the first game I remember playing on the Amiga, although I got my Amiga 2 years before this game was released... Strange. Secondly, the music in this game ABSOLUTELY rocks arse. Well, ok so it's not that good, but the intro music is just magnificent, it will have you bobbing along to its excellent tune as you play the game, it's just a shame about the emulation sound quality.

The game play is EXCELLENT, in fact when I was play testing this for the review I am writing now, I had my little cousins over, they are only 3, 5, and 7 years old. They absolutely loved the game, they could barely get 2 minutes into the game, but they just laughed there heads off at the little guy doing his little belly bounce to kill the monsters and things like that.

The game is a platform game, which requires quite a bit of skill and practice. This game is by no means hard, but it is also not too difficult. There are also many great comedy parts in the game, such as a giant dinosaur crapping, and you have to dodge it as it falls under his tail.

The plot behind the game is that you are Chuck Rock, while your beautiful wife Penelope was outside hanging her clothes one day, Gary Glitter or whatever his name is comes and snatches your wife away, so there begins your quest - FIND YOUR WIFE. To do this you have to go through various levels of the prehistoric, at first you go through the 'easy' levels that is set in a tropical jungle type of place, and then later you come to various other levels such as the Ice one and the underground one. Each level has got many stages to it, and to complete the game can take absolutely ages.

The graphics on the game are also great and the animation is smooth. I just love this game, but maybe it's nostalgia from when I was a 5 year old :) Either way, I still like it now!

Ahhh the memories. I remember playing this one years ago on my good old Amiga 500. This game is very amusing. The plot goes something like this.. You control the main character called Chuck Rock, a cave man, who is trying to get his wife back from the local weirdo, who just happened to find Chucks wife so irresistable he just had to have her. So it's up to you to get your true love back again. It's a platform game thats just great to look at and play, although you might want to use the FX only mode as the music can get annoying. But apart from that you get to pick up rocks, throw rocks and beat the living daylights outta those annoying dinosaurs. A great game to play if you need some cheering up, even if the later stages are near impossible to complete.

A platform game, where you play the strange man from the stone-age, Chuck Rock. Nice graphics, funny music but not so good gameplay and control. Better to choose the Chuck Rock 2 :)

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.82 MB).


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