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UBI Soft's attempt at the Defender Of The Crown throne wasn't as easy to get into, but featured far more depth than the Cinemaware game. Played over a large map area, the basic aim of the game is to recover your father's kingdom from the evil despot currently masquerading as King. Proving your merit as the titular Iron Lord, you must cross the land perfecting your many skills in sub-games featuring arm-wrestling, sword fighting, and archery. There are also plenty of villages to enter for the buying of further arms and the chance to barter with locals for information and advice. All this leads up to a mother of all battles between your amassed troops and the usurper's cronies, where the game enters a slightly wargame-esque realm, with the two attempting to outwit each other strategically. Despite its complexity and depth, Iron Lord is surprisingly easy to get into and play. There's plenty to sustain interest and, even now, it shows up a lot of modern releases in terms of value for money. Recommended.

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