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After defeating the evil Doctor Maybe at the end of Robocod, and taking a well earned holiday in Aquatic Games. James Pond, Millennium's ubiquitous hero, has been called back into service. And this time he's up against his biggest challenge yet. Again.

It has to be said that JP3's plot is the most interesting of all his games. A space shuttle containing three Fi5H agents and a special top-secret defence satellite has crash-landed on the moon. And even more worryingly, all radio contact with the stricken spaceship has been lost. All this wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that the evil Or Maybe is on the moon mining cheese (groan) and has captured both the agents and the satellite.

So Jimmy Pondy has once again been called upon to save the day. But before you leap off into the proverbial deep end, don't expect another Robocod. That particular game was a paced and playable affair, borrowing more from Super Mario Brothers than any other Amiga platformer. This time round Millennium is attempting to emulate that other famous console hero, Sonic The Hedgehog, making James Pond 3 a no-holds-barred speedfest over some of the largest game levels seen on an Amiga - and there are 111 of them, too!

The boys and girls at Millennium are quite right when they shout about this being the biggest Amiga platform game of them all because it undoubtedly is. But, as a girl once said to me as I broke down in tears: "size isn't everything, love, perhaps another time, eh?" Or something. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that if the game is crap then its size won't matter. So after all the hype, all the build up and all the delays, is James Pond 3: Operation StarFi5h really as good as it's cracked up to be? Well, lets find out, shall we?

If I told you that Operation StarFi5h was quite unlike any other Amiga platform game, I wouldn't be lying. It's huge. No really, it's very huge... and bloody fast, it also takes quite a different tack to most other platform games where, as a rule, enemies are thrown in to make getting to the end of the level quite a job for the player. In this game, just getting to the end of each level is enough of a challenge without a large number of wrongdoers attacking you at every opportunity. You could play the first level a dozen times, and still find a different way to get to the end of it each time. Have I told you how great it looks? OK, so it isn't anywhere near as colourful as Robocod (put them side by side, and this one looks a little bland in places), but where the colour has been removed, bags of character have been added. Pond is no longer the cute little fish who wiggles from side to side when he walks - this is a leaner, meaner fish, with a gleam in his eye and a set jaw. The one big difference between James Pond 3 and Robocod is that this one is very, very hard. It'll take quite a few goes before you can get past the first couple of levels without losing stacks of energy (remember how easy Robocod was?). Mind you, it's never frustratingly hard - for every hit you take, you can see how It happened, and learn to avoid it next time. There's a good learning curve to the game, but this is no evening class. This is a three year degree course. With homework. Pond 3 is every bit as good as I hoped it would be and well worth rushing out for with your cash held high. I promise you won't be disappointed. I also promise that you won't even vaguely see the entire game for a long, long time.

Quite the same as James Pond 2. You play not only under water but in land too...

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