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Ask any Simpsons fan and they will tell you it's not just Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge and Maggie (the main characters) that make the show worth going to a BSkyB-owning friend's house to watch. It's the subsidiary characters too: people like Itchy 'n' Scratchy, and Krusty the clown.

Well, now there's a game based on the latter character. Krusty's Super Fun House is a good-looking, nicely thought-out platform game which should be able to keep the most jaded of gamers on their toes for a while.

The first point to bear in mind here is that you should not judge the game by the ease of level one and boy oh boy, is it easy. This is just a test level which gets you acclimatised to the control system and a few of the puzzles and tricks that will assault you in later levels.

In fact, the way in which the levels arc set up is nicely thought-out too. You move Krusty about a few platforms, each of which contains a number of doors. Simply stand outside a door, soak in the strangely menacing music, press the fire-button and in you go to one of the sub-levels. Then all you have to do is to play a kind of reverse Troddlers/Lemmings in which you have to lead a bunch of rats to their deaths at the hands of a major Simpsons character. Like Troddlers you have to make use of blocks to achieve this aim. Unlike Troddlers you have to search for these blocks along your way - and this search becomes more difficult with the later levels.

"Ha ha" said the clown

Killing the rodents is not the end of the level though. Once this is done, you have to search for some power-ups and hidden levels. Once all this is cleared up, you exit the level, and the door is locked behind you. Lock all the doors, and move up a level. "Easy! Ha, ha, ha!" Nope! Even though Krusty can leap twice his height and pick up loads of ammo, you will be foxed by the puzzles that build up and up.

The game looks excellent, there's some great use of colour and neatly designed levels, but it's let down by strange parallax scrolling and (once again, when will programmers get this right?) poor collision detection. Time and time again we see Krusty hanging off the last pixel of a platform: certainly he does a well-animated wobble as he hangs there, certainly he looks worried, but even more certainly he shouldn't be in the position in the first place.

Despite the moans Krusty's Super Fun House is a mightily enjoyable piece of Amiga gameplay. Once you've got over the initial amazement that Krusty himself can outleap Bob Fosbury from a standing start, you will find yourself coming back for more and more.

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