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The game starts with a green expanse of land, awaiting development. The player selects different kinds of buildings to erect on the site, which the game instantly builds and automatically connects with roads. Then, in the two play modes, the player gets to navigate a little car through the lanes and byways, as on a top-town map, trying to situate the car on a map location or at the site of a hidden key described only in cardinal directions (go south! now south-east!)

Sticky Bear Town Builder is one of the first titles in Optimum Resource's popular Sticky Bear line of educational titles that is still going strong after more than a decade. Unfortunately unlike later games in the series, Town Builder does not offer a whole lot of edutainment value. Designed for pre-schoolers, Town Builder lets kids design a town by placing buildings and roads, then drive a car through the city. The educational value in the game are pattern recognition skills and route optimization taught during the driving action: the game shows the picture of the building or location you are supposed to drive to next, and you must go there using the quickest route lest your fuel runs out. With limited buildings and narrow edutainment value, Town Builder is not as interesting or educational as later Sticky Bear games, but kids who like Lego will probably enjoy this early underdog anyway.

Sticky Bear Town Builder is a game where you can build a town. You choose various places (various buildings such as blocks of flats or airports) and place them on an initially empty map; these places are automatically connected with roads. After you finish your town, you can do two activities. One of them is driving to various places. The game tells you where you should go and when you get there, you get 40 points and a new target. You drive until you run out of fuel. The second game is looking for lost keys - there are 12 sets of them and you have a compass which tells you what direction the keys are.

Is that all? Unfortunately yes. The game has very little activities - only 2 (3 if you count town building) and all of them become boring very quickly. This game surely won't have many fans among grown-ups, but it is a cute game suitable for children. Especially those that would not yet understand the complexity of lets say SimCity 2000.

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