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What a lot of spherical objects! You'll need all your marbles to cope with RAINBOW ARTS' fascinating fast-action puzzler... Logical is a bit of a rarity; a thought-provoking fast-acton game which is genuinely as addictive as the blurb claims. OK. it's derived from dozens of vaguely similar titles - Tetris, Puznik, even Marble Madness if you want to look at it that way, but the finished game seems wholly original and is a terrific challenge.

Along the top of the screen runs a track; along the track come coloured marbles which drop down channels into revolving disks. Each disk has four marble slots, and is connected to other disks by further channels.

Your task is to rotate the disks (by clicking with the right mouse button) and launch the marbles (click left) in such a way that each disk on the screen becomes filled with four marbles of the same colour. Do that and the disk explodes (though it remains working); once all the disks are exploded, you move on to the next of the 99 levels.

It sounds too simple to hold any challenge, but of course there are complications. One display shows how many marbles are in motion; more than four, and you cannot launch any new ones. There's a time limit for each level (of course); and other elements include colour stoppers which only let through marbles of a particular colour, changers which alter the colour of marbles passing through, direction arrows which turn some channels into one-way streets, traffic lights which dictate the colour of marble which must be used to fill a particular disk, and colour handicaps which dictate that you have to fill a disk with a particular combination of colours.

There are some aids too; teleporters which allows you to jump marbles vertically or horizontally, and a preview display which tells you the colour of the next marble coming. Scores depend on the speed with which you finish the level, and any colour handicap bonuses you have racked up; at each level you are given a password which allows you to restart the game at the furthest point you have reached, and if you complete all 99 levels you can access a screen editor which allows you to create your own Logical puzzles.

With excellent graphics (in a choice of four styles), good music and sound effects and compelling gameplay. Logical is going to give you some sleepless nights.

Not very complicated, but enjoyable game, which you can play for hours without giving up. The music is also fine. It's a shame, that there are only a few number of levels. But if you complete them all, you can make your own level.

A nice little Puzzle-Game that really tickles your brain. The objective is simple - you have little shiny balls that you have to arrange in sets of four of the same color. Once you've done that they disappear and you get your score. Do that in all of those turnable discs and you advance on to the next level. That sounds easy, but those levels get harder and harder, you'll see that you need a good strategy to solve that - don't expect to keep cool, the thing can (and will) get fast!

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