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Have you ever wanted to care for a pet or a friend, but your not allowed to? Do you enjoy seeing the miracles of life, right before your eyes? Well, if you liked Catz or Dogz then you will be drawn to the premise of Creatures Adventures.

In a magical world, Norns run and play and look for friends to have fun with. You can become one of those friends by treating these creatures like living, breathing people. One of the features that brings them to life is their "Digital DNA" structure. Right from the moment they are born, they will think, act and behave in a manner that is true and unique to them and only them. They will enjoy some activities, while others might not keep their attention. Four different breeds of creatures are available, but when they have children the traits of each Norn will change and they develop individual personalities.

Interact with your Norn by using a simplistic, point & click interface and engage in many exciting activities and daily routines. Explore one of the 15 themed areas throughout the game, like castles and dungeons, or play games such as basketball and skydiving with your Norn. Making music is also something that can be a fun pastime for the both of you. The environment each Norn lives in is unique and interactive. Seasons and weather will change as they age, and of course they will have a birthday. You will also need to moderate your Norn's sleep habits and when you feed it otherwise you'll have a cranky creature.

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