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Mega Motion is not only a clever puzzle game, but also an education in physics and the properties of objects in motion. Static screenshots aren't really going to help you much here, but you need to imagine two balls linked together, with one acting as the anchor while the other rotates around it. It's now down to you to swap the 'pivot' and 'the other one,' so that it swings across the level.

Each level has an exit, with a number of obstacles to be negotiated and a number of bonuses to be collected. As you progress across the 100 levels (yes, that's 100!) you'll come across a number of different blocks that all react in different ways. Some will explode, some will set off chain reactions, some will reward you with points and extra lives, while some will just move out of your way, or (if you've not thought ahead) block you off.

You'll get a password for each completed level, as well as being able to start from one of four starting levels (25, 50, 75 etc.) along with three lives to make best use of. Later levels make use of three, four and five balls in a chain, and by the end of these games I promise you you'll never be surprised by conkers again!

Absolutely brilliant! No, really - no sarcasm at all. I know these screenshots aren't exactly going to make you scream and shout, but once you get the hang of this game, it really is one of the most brain-teasing yet rewarding little doobies I've played since Gearworks. It's so beautifully simple to start with and as more and more screens are thrown your way, you just can't let a single level get the better of you. The various block-types add that element of 'Ooer, what do these do?' while bonuses tempt you gently and time limits remind you that you can't take forever. Fortunately, none of these features hassle you enough to get in the way, and if you want you can just concentrate on getting off the current level (like I did). Four different music tracks are available (all quite nice, I might add) while spot effects and small animations keep the game interesting. Some of the later levels really are absolute, er, gits (this is a family magazine, or so they tell me) to complete, forcing you to show your mouse mastery as well as strategic planning, with some of the closest shaves you're likely to see or your money back. My name's Victor Kiam. There are a number of elements in this game that remind me of Boulderdash, but memories aside this really is an exceptional game in that it's both original, and really good.

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