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The original Midwinter was released around two years ago and was warmly welcomed by the computer press and public alike. Microprose claim to have sold thousands of copies even though after only a few days play, most people found it relatively easy to complete once the gameplay technique was mastered.

The Atlantic Federation is still a major force even though its original home. Midwinter Island, had long since disappeared beneath the rising sea levels. It therefore had no choice but to relocate to a nearby island named Verde. This small, well situated island is part of an archipelago located on the western coast of Africa. The island of Verde was officially renamed Agora and immediately became the new headquarters of the Federation. Agora is the most westerly of 42 islands. The neighbouring islands have, for thirty years, been controlled by the dark forces of the Saharan Empire. Reliable intelligence reports have led the federation to believe that Agora is their next target.

Life for most people on the Saharan controlled islands is atrocious. The majority have been transported back to the African mainland to be used as slaves and those who remain serve the Saharan Empire's desires for economic and political supremacy. As the only remaining island free from Saharan control, it has been decided that the federation will launch a counter operation aimed at preventing the dark Empire from gaining full control over Agora.

Playing the part of a top agent from COBRA - the Atlantic Federation Security Council's underground network, you will be sent on a series of dangerous missions which may cost you your life! If the operation is a success the people, currently used as slaves, will be freed once again. The one thing you don't really know is the date the Saharans plan to attack Agora. Therefore, it's crucial to liberate as many neighbouring islands as possible to give the Federation a better chance of withstanding the attack. Once the Saharan attack fleet begins to set sail, you will not be able to complete any more missions.

Before you begin your quest for freedom, you must decide whether to control the provided agent or create your own. The latter of the two options gives you complete control over a unique and flexible character creation utility. Not only can you define the character's attributes, but his physical appearance can be altered too. Once you're happy with the character's cosmetics the level of play can be finely adjusted to ensure that the game isn't over immediately. Newcomers will welcome the addition of the earlier missions which require you to overcome only one island. From here, you can gradually build up your skills until you're prepared for the full scale mission of attempting to control all 42 islands.

Once you've decided on the mission a brief description from a superior commander is given and the action really begins to hot up. Usually you'll meet a contact, near to the point of where the mission will take place, who'll provide the necessary hardware required to complete the operation. If you've chosen one of the later missions, prepare to use your head as well as your arcade skills as it's not just a simple matter of searching out targets and destroying them. The success of the mission could well be decided in the initial planning stages particularly when you choose which mode of transport you will use.

There are 22 modes of transportation including tank, minisub, ship, balloon, helicopter, rocket pack and flying sub to name but a few. Each one of these is represented by its unique cockpit and to completely master the game it will be necessary for you to completely learn each inside out!

Second episode of the Tactical action game, with even more game types. You can choose where you want to play. On the sea, on the ground, in the air, etc. Than choose your craft and go shooting in this great arcade-action game.

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