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Lightning flashed across the night sky, illuminating the twisted face of the head Druid as he uttered the last words of the spell. He glanced around at the circle of standing stones and as the full moon appeared between the two central silicon pillars he thrust his sacrificial knife downwards. The young victim only gave a little whimper as her spirit passed onto a higher plane, pleased that a lifetime of not going out on a Friday night was worth the effort.

"The Druids command you Sir Brightblade, retrieve the Moonstones and bring them to us before the next full moon. Should you fail your flesh will fall from your rotting corpse and your soul banished to the fires of hell!"

"Okay, don't get flustered. You didn't have to kill the girlie. I was trying to get a date with her for tomorrow night. Before I agree to any quest I think we should discuss your financial situation."

The head Druid glanced around sheepishly. "Well, er, urm... I think we could rustle up about 50 gold coins. Maybe."

"Bugger that for a laugh, you can get some other mug to do your dirty work for you!"


You are rather new to this questing business and not being as keen a business man as old Brightblade you have accepted the Druid's challenge. You must search the surrounding lands for the powerful Moonstones and bring them to the Druids. In return they will grant you eternal power (or 50 gold coins). Also after the Moonstones are three other knights with whom you must compete. You must be the first person to find each clue to the location of the Moonstones and the many magical artifacts that will help you in your adventure.


As you explore the mystical lands you will discover places of interest. Towns and cities offer you the opportunity to heal your wounds, buy weapons or visit the tavern and gamble your money away. Wizards' towers and other places of magical importance may contain rewards or penalties. Last but by no means least are the lairs of the monsters that inhabit the wilderness. Often they contain treasures that will help you including gold coins, scrolls and powerful artifacts. However, you will have to defeat their owner in combat.


Combat occurs frequently, often it is the only way to get what you want, and is bloody to say the least. Using the joystick you can manipulate your knight and control his actions. Swinging your sword while ducking and weaving is required to defeat your opponent. Many of the monsters have a distinctive fighting style and learning the techniques that can be used to defeat them is essential. The results of any attack are usually gory. As claws and swords bite into flesh and bone, blood will spray all over your monitor. If victorious, your character's abilities and hit points will be updated, if vanquished, you will lose a life.


There are many dark religions that do not want the Moonstones to be recovered. They have sent many of their minions to stop you in your quest and will only rest once all of the knights that are searching for the gems are dead. 8lack Knights roam the wilderness hoping to ambush you, powerful warriors wait at key locations to hack you to pieces but worst of all is the Dragon. It flies across the sky laying waste to all it sees, so just hope it misses you!

Fantasy action game, with many beat 'um up scenes. You have to defeat all of the lords and collect the keys on the land, to open the portal. Blood and Fatalities also features of the game! Not for small kids!

Action adventure

Druids have selected their best knights and sent them into the search for Moonstone, the only thing that can destroy the great evil that has fallen to Earth.

Select one to four players to play and get into the holy quest. During your search you will have to fight numerous monsters, collect gold and buy various equipment. The game has many elements of a Role Playing Game as well and is pretty good. One of the best Amiga games ever!

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