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Nuclear war. It's no joke really, until you take fourteen of the world's most prominent leaders, highlight their quirks, give four of them a country each, around a hundred million people, a nuclear stockpile and let them battle it out. You play the world leader, and the aim is simply - nuke, fight, drop cows on and do your damndest to eradicate all trace of the other four participants.

All the commands are issued on one screen. Your four opponents are displayed in each corner, together with a rating showing their feelings towards you, and a smiley acid face which lets you set your level of diplomacy. A factory icon orders your obedient citizens to build bombs, planes and defence systems. You can also launch nuclear ICBM attacks on anyone you want.

An alternative form of warhead delivery is by airmail. For this you have the Nuclear Postman bomber with a fifty megaton capacity, plus there's the dreaded Grim Reaper, which can carry an Earth-splitting one hundred megatons. Planes have an advantage: they're harder to stop and can carry several warheads, so they can bomb more than one city.

A much more subtle line of attack is propaganda. Invite an enemy city over for a barbie then don't be too surprised if seven million people decide they want to stay put. Using the propaganda tool can have some side effect, too. For instance it can cause the so-called Chernobyl effect and melt down a reactor - or activate a group of space cadets: these lurk around watching Lost In Space then chuck a dome over a city, bung a few rockets underneath and - wham - thirty-six million people up in orbit.

With over half a billion people dying per game, space aliens and flying cattle, it's hard to be offended by Nuclear War. It's incredibly funny with Spitting Image style humour. It can be quite easy to win the occasional game but so much happens you have to keep coming back. Witty and imaginative. Nuclear War is a fantastic game which fields a full team in the comedy department.

You are in charge of this little nation in the middle of the sea. Around you are 4 other nations. You can choose your opponents at the beginning.

Basically you are at nuclear war with EVERYONE! But it isn't a serious war game, it is a funny one :) with human sling shots and cow launchers. It is very fun to play and is quite hard to win. To win the game you must either convert the oppositions population to you side through propoganda. Either that or you just nuke them to death.

There are different sized war heads and you must launch these mega ton war heads on either a missile or a fighter (which can be reused until it has finished it maximum warhead capacity). If you know or are under the impression that you will be attacked you can build defences too. But they last only 1 turn. When you run out of weapons you must build some to use! The game is very fun and addictive.

The basic idea of Nuclear War is to nuke everybody else and to stay alive. Nice graphics of the enemies who look similar to famous politicians, many jokes that happen during gameplay. It's a very funny game, but if you just feel like nuking the whole world, that game was made for you.

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