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It's back. Not that it's ever been away. This time round, though, it's not bigger, 'badder' and better than before. It is, however, almost the same price as of old for minimal improvements. So, onward to the differences from SWOS 95. The first and most obvious change is the updated data Newcastle are a blinding team to play now, as are Arsenal and numerous other Premier league teams with foreign signings. Collymore's great as well - surely some mistake.

After-touch has been around for years, now you can add it to on the deck passes. It makes the ball look as if it's skating, but when you got used to it, it can fox your opponent and gain extra ground and time for the rest of the team to push forward, or fall back. Players are star-rated in the team listing and their three main attributes are highlighted beside the star rating. So, if you were up against a goalie like Schmeicel or Seaman, you'd probably be best off using a striker with a high velocity shot.

When playing the management side of the game, players who are played to their full go up in value and when, as a manager, you're particularly interested in another team's player, you can highlight them to make following their progress easier. Not a great deal extra on offer, but if you're still struggling along with an older version of Sensi - not SWOS - then it represents a must-download.

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