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Innocent dinosaurs are being brought into the present in a plot to control the world. Players, with the help of Dexter the Talking Dinodroid and the Dinosaur Encyclopedia, must learn to track and identify the dinosaurs to save the Earth. Zombie Dinos from Planet Zeltoid teaches kids a great deal about dinosaurs and has received the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Dinosaurs of the past are been brought to our present time in an attempt to control the world! You must learn to track and identify different dinosaurs if you're going to save the Earth.

You are not alone though. You have the help of the Dinosaur Encyclopedia and your new found friend, Dexter the talking Dinodroid.

As you track the dinosaurs, you will encounter clues to which dinosaur you are tracking. When you put the answers to the clues together, you'll learn what type of dinosaur is close by. When you've figured it out, you'll find the dinosaur and you will encounter it's captor who will ask you questions. If you get 3 questions right, you'll save the dinosaur, get 3 wrong and he'll be warped to the future.

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