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The story is that the Caliph has been turned into a Falcon by his enemies. Now cue Sinbad the super hero with his mission to save the kingdom. Sinbad now assumes command of the armies and navy of Damaron. The answer to most questions can only be found beyond the shores of Damaron. Therefore, you set sail aboard your ship, the Sabarlus, with your loyal crew. Like the legends of Sinbad, you encounter many adventures as you navigate foreign seas in your search for truth. Not all adventures will occur at sea, and when on land you must guard your anchored ship when venturing out. Failure to do so could result in the seizure of ship by sea pirates. As in the legends of Sinbad you must defeat the dreaded Pteranoxos and the Cyclops. You must also find the Gypsy and follow her advice. If you're lucky, the Genie will aid you in your endeavour. And occasionally, you must cross swords with the Black Prince and others.

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