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"Wood ruck, commander," the computer ejects in a female tone, just before dropping your Emerald Fighter from what is best described as a burlap mothership. Fortunately, you can skip this launch from the great gunnysack by pressing your joystick's fire button - a maneuver that I highly recommend.

Gameplay can be summed up like so: Dodge obstacles and enemy fire, shoot everything, and destroy the power crystal. Do this nine times. Your ship remains in the center of the screen when you move horizontally. Only the approaching objects shift left and right. And because you must stay within the "slip stream." you can only move so far in any direction. As a result, only a small portion of the screen is used for gameplay. The rest contains a well-drawn but drab background picture that changes only when you advance in levels. It's difficult to control a ship with such limited movement. Even when I thought I had the knack, I was often destroyed by enemy fire that I was sure had passed by my craft. These two things made the game both frustrating and difficult to play.

The four-page manual is sufficient (not much to document here), but it erroneously instructs you to insert the master disk into drive DH0 to load the game. I have yet to destroy all nine power crystals, but after fighting nearly 15 rounds of Slip Stream. I don't want to.

Very old aeroplane flying and shooting game, in arcade style. Later other Slipstream games was released on many platforms. It's a classic.

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