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Ever fancied ruling the entire galaxy by playing off interplanetary nobles against one another in a never ending flurry of internecine squabbling and pitched battles? On the off-chance that you might, Guildhall are re-releasing Starlord, a space adventure shoot 'em-up strategy game. Your mission is to spread your influence and power as far as possible throughout the galaxy.

Basically the Starlord storyline is a sort of Star Wars/Dune mix of power politics, war and diplomacy set thousands of years in the future. The aim of the game is to assert your power and authority by fair means or foul until you are the most powerful dynasty in the galaxy. About three quarters of the game is played as a conventional strategy game, with the remaining quarter being a space combat sim where you direct your forces and fly your own ship in combat.

The depth of the game, and the sheer number of choices involved make the game an interesting and challenging exercise in strategy. Directing the space battles can also be good fun. However there is one criticism I would make of this game - the space battle scenes are graphically very poor and unfortunately just do not stand up to their PC equivalent. If you can live with this flaw however, Starlord is a pretty decent, fun and entertaining game.

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