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Not to be confused with the MSX cartridge Arctic Adventure, Aunt Arctic Adventure follows the plight of a young chimp and his penguin pal's attempts to rescue his beloved Aunt from the clutches of an evil circus owner. Big Borus, for that is the evil kidnapper's name, has whisked away poor old Charlie chimp's aunt and has imprisioned her some fifty screens away from her brave nephew to gain time so that he can force her to work in his circus act. However, Charlie is by no means a coward and, enlisting Pete penguin's help, he prepares to traverse the danger-filled screens to rescue his stricken relative.

However, obviously no stranger to the kidnapping game, Borus has scattered all manner of deadly traps and monsters throughout the levels and, unless Charlie is very careful, contact with any of these will cost him one of his four lives. In addition, just to make matters worse for our hero, each stage houses a number of collectable objects all of which must be picked up before access to the next stage is granted Charlie's adventures begin in the middle of a bleak arctic landscape with a polar bear blocking any escape and a deep chasm in front of him. Once down the hole. Charlie's problems really begin, as there are numerous ladders, ropes and moving platforms, not to mention dozens of nasties, to negotiate. And as you get ever closer to where Borus is holding your aunt, the layouts get harder to negotiate and the nasties faster and deadlier.

GRAPHICS: The sprites are generally small, but the chimp and some of the enemy sprites are nicely detailed. However, the backdrops are bland.

SOUND: A few nice spot effects here and there, but generally of a poor standard. The opening theme tune is particularly annoying.

STEVE: Aunt Arctic Adventure draws heavily from Montezuma's Revenge but doesn't feature half the playability. There are some nice wind effects and entertaining platform screens, but the fun soon gets tedious. Fifty levels in a game with so little variety is too much, and the later levels just aren't worth reaching as they are too similar.

DOUG: Arctic Adventure is very similar to an old game on the 64 called Montezuma's Revenge. The gameplay is the same but the puzzles seem to lack something. Although the game is quite good fun at first it soon becomes very repetitive. Aunt Arctic Adventure has got the basis of a good game.

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