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The Duel is the follow up to Test Drive, a game which aroused some of the most mixed opinions ever witnessed; "Yes, I know the scrolling's slow but look at the cars you get": "Well I think the scrolling's OK, it's the view from the car that spoils it..." Test Drive allowed you to choose from a range of the world's top sports cars, including Porsches and Ferraris, then go out and prang them against a mountain, or burn off some other boy racer's high performance vehicle. The failings of Test Drive became apparent through the lack of variety in the scenery, and a subsequent lack of speed - enough to provoke sarcastic comments about a "Reliant Robin" simulator. Still, it appealed to a few people... Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave, those clever little guys at Accolade where thinking to themselves "ahh, the scrolling's too slow and there's not enough variety in the scenery". So they set about their work and lo!, The Duel was created.

The first apparent change is the lack of cars - only two this time as opposed to five before. But there are now two modes of play; the traditional against the clock game, or head to head against another car. The scenery has been totally redesigned with fields, deserts, mountain passes, tunnels and much more. Even the perspective view from the drivers seat has been lowered a little, which gives a better feeling when you're weaving through oncoming traffic. Speed is also an essential in any car game, and boy is it here - and the road scrolls far faster now.

Already on the Amiga people are trying to find ways around memory restrictions and Accolade are more than a little proud of their new system - 'expansion packs'. Each pack contains a disk and a manual, the first two packs are available now, one containing the scenery for a trans-California race, the other with five super cars.

The sound has been improved too, with a racey theme tune to start with and some really meaty engine roars. All through there are loads of extra touches, such as the cop who tries flagging you down (you are speeding aren't you?) - when you keep going, check in the rear view mirror and you can watch him scrambling into his car. The funniest thing has to be the look of sheer panic as you blunder into the oncoming traffic at twice the speed of sound.

The Duel is not quite a classic piece of software, but it does come very close - climb aboard and experience some high-class, highspeed revs.

The driving lesson countinues. You can race over many tracks now, not only in the hills. There are forest, dessert, etc. But due to new levels, there are no space for cars on the disk, so only Porshe and Ferrari can be choosed. Recommended to download the extension disks, with tons of card and even more levels.

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