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OK, Listen up men! We're getting closer to the general's base and so the defences are going to get a lot hairier. From your current position, you must make your way along the main supply road towards the air fields. The road is swarming with Armoured Personnel Vehicles and SCUDs. Once you reach the air fields, dig in and defend against ground troops and then destroy all the planes. There will be some air back up for you and you'll need to lay tracer beams down for the planes to lock on the targets you select. Good Luck!!!

Who said that Cannon Fodder was the last word in gruesome fun, eh?

Total Carnage is just, er, total carnage from start to finish. There is a plot, of course; some crazy, power mad General has created his own army of mutant grunts from radioactive goo produced in his nuclear generator. Ready to wreak havoc on the entire globe, El Generale has taken hostages and as much firepower as he can muster. Only the Doomsday

Squad (guess who that is!) can possibly stop him. Fortunately you have an arsenal of weaponry that with out doubt will blow anything away, the only snag is you've got to keep alive long enough to use it . But hey, that's the whole point of the game isn't it? The list reads like a what's what of carnage - grenade, rocket and plasma launchers, flame throwers, mines, smart bombs, spray fire rifles and let's not forget your little pea shooter rifle!

Coming from the same stable as Mortal Kombat, Carnage has that familiar look about it; you know, loud, self assured and confident it knows it's on to a winner. It's packed full of large sprites in kind of Cannon Fodder meets Desert Strike meets Terminator scenario of total mayhem, with 20 scrolling battle zones, each one more testing than the one before.

There's no complex manual to work through. It's all fairly straight forward and that's what makes it work for me. You load up and you're in. The gameplay itself is a breeze, just shoot everything except any hostages and collect everything you can lay your hands on. ICE is an underrated publisher that one day is going to get the praise it deserves. Maybe after this one and with the great Akira to follow. Stuart Bell and the team just might crack it.

Get that gun and shoot everybody! This can be the slogan of the game. This is a brutal action game, with bloody scenes. You see your hero from a 'Commando' top view, and have to kill every enemy on the screen to pass by.

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