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Most grannies sit at home sipping the odd cup of cocoa and knitting their favorite grandchildren hideous Arran sweaters. Not this pair though, Wiz 'n' Liz are an energetic couple of Wizards from the Planet Pum. They spend most of their time zooming around the planet doing all sorts of good deeds. It's a good job too 'cos there's a big problem on Pum - all the wabbits have been stolen by dark mysterious forces. And we all know that wabbits are an integral part of any magician's act, so Wiz 'n' Liz set out to save them.

To keep them from being found the wabbits have been scattered around Pum in places like Lunar Land, Grass Land and Desert Land. So, Wiz 'n' Liz must race around the globe picking up as many bunnies as they can find. Collecting the little wabbits is easy, simply run over them and they'll disappear - releasing a letter as they do so. The wizards must collect these letters to form a magic word which opens the level's exit. Collecting the remaining wabbits will give Wiz 'n' Liz special bonuses in the form of fruits and stars.

It's not as easy as all that though because they're up against a timer which diminishes with every passing round. Added to that, after a few levels, you'll come up against a giant guardian who has to be bopped before you can go on. After completing the level it's off back to a staging area where the stars can be used to buy hints, extra lives and more fruit. Why the obsession with citrus? It's not that they're veggies or anything, it's just that they need the fruit to mix together to make special spells. These spells can have mixed results depending on the fruit combination: some give you extra points, others open secret sub-games but other still give you zilch. The sub-games are generally twists on old classics, like wabbit invaders and snakes. There's even one where you throw rotten tomatoes at caricatures of Puggsy's programmers (another Psygnosis game).

Wiz 'n' Liz is a fairly simplistic game but enjoyable nevertheless. It's fast, frantic, and at times challenging. The animation, both the wabbits and the wizards, are top notch and the in-game tune is suitably up beat. It really begins to shine though when you drag a mate along to play Liz and compete against each other in a split screen race to see who can complete the level first. Curses and insults will be freely exchanged as you nick each others magic letters and poach the fruit. However, the one-player game is bound to lose its appeal before too long. The levels simply don't have enough variety to keep your attention beyond a couple of goes. If you haven't got a chum to play with, apart from being pretty sad, there's not much here to keep you playing for too long.

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