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It's not exactly big business over here, and apart from the odd bit of Channel 4 coverage, it's hardly ever seen on our screens. But in the country of its origin, Basketball is big with a capital BIG Second only to Football and Baseball in the popularity stakes, America's biggest indoor game is also one of its most competitive - although surprisingly the USA has never fared too well on the world scene - they've only ever won the World Championship twice since 1950, a success record which the Brazilians, Soviets and even the Yugoslavs have all topped in their time!

Perhaps the reason Basketball is so successful worldwide is its simplicity - it's basically a cut-down version of Soccer with hands replacing feet

Like its predecessor, TV Sports: Basketball isn't as immediately accessible as other sports simulations. There's a weighty manual to read, and if you try to dive in head-first, it's difficult to get much out of it. At first it's all flashing cursors, reams of statistics and seemingly daunting controls. But spend a bit of time getting used to it all, and everything falls into place and it becomes a whole new ball game. Dribbling, passing and shooting are all carried out instinctively, and even getting your men to work as a team and developing strategies comes naturally after a while. And the strategy element runs deep enough to satisfy even the most seasoned of coaches. As is to be expected from Cinemaware, the presentation is flawless from the TV presenter's constantly changing dialogue to the wealth of game options available at any time. Aesthetically it's all well up to standard. The players, while not moving as smoothly as they might have, are animated well, intercepting passes, jumping and 'sinking buckets' realistically. Sound, too, enhances an already authentic atmosphere, with squeaking trainers on the court, and the crowd cheering and booing with the action. Hot forgetting the typically American jingles accompany the TV shows. But above all, TV Sports: Basketball is tremendous fun to play, whether you work your way up a league or battle it out with three mates in an exhibition game and when you reach the closing seconds of the fourth quarter with you trailing by a single point, you realise just how realistic it all is!


TV Sports: Basketball is definitely the best basketball game ever published for Amiga. Select a team and try to win the ring. There are many features in this game that have never been see before. One of them is player editor which makes the game even more interesting. The complete NBA season is covered with detailed statistics and will keep You coming for more over and over again. Cinemaware had some real good games while it existed. TVSB is one of their biggest hits and should not be forgotten.

One of the best basketball games I have played on the Amiga. Too bad that the PC version isn't that good. You can control all the best teams from the NBA with accurate players statistics and player names. You can play a single game or play a full league. Of course the game offer two player mode as well including very easy controls.

Actually only three game screens are used during a match. You either attack or defend around the basket. When you get the ball the computer automatically move all players up to the last half of your opponents half, which is actually a good thing all though it might not sounds like it. The graphics is the thing that gets the game up including the good but simple sound.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.39 MB).


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