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U.S. Gold's latest licence is a conversion of the popular Capcom coin-op, UN Squadron. Tiertex in the past have converted Dynasty Wars and Strider from their respective Capcom boards (using a digitising system which allows them to recreate a game's graphics almost perfectly whilst reducing them to sixteen colours, and leaves them more time to concentrate on perfecting the gameplay).

UN Squadron is a ten-stage horizontally-scrolling shoot 'em-up with the usual extra weapons and end-of-level guardians we have come to expect from the genre The game's typically Japanese scenario tells of an elite band of multi-national flying aces who have been teamed together to create one of the most dynamic forces ever known to protect world peace -the UN Squadron of the title. Of late, things have been quiet, with little for the brave unit to rectify, but the rapidly worsening situation in the Middle East has reach a critical state, and a public outcry has called tor an end to the seemingly-endless war.

However, the situation hasn't been helped by a corrupt band of arms dealers who are selling the latest high-tech arms to each side and reaping the rewards whilst millions of innocent citizens are killed. If these evil warmongers can be found and their trading places and bases destroyed then there may be a chance for peace, but as their bases are located across ten key points through the warring countries the task isn't going to be an easy one

From the elite squadron, only three people have been lined up as the pilots capable of diffusing the potentially deadly situation, and it is up to you to select one of the three heroes and guide him through the ten flak-filled levels - in addition, thanks to the advent of a two-player option, a friend can assume the role of another of the trio and share your three credits by assisting you.

The gameplay takes the basic theme of countless shoot em-ups - Silkworm and the age-old Salamander, for instance - and features all the plot devices and enemy weapons we have come to expect. As you progress through the ten levels, you will be repeatedly attacked by all manner of enemy patrols - both air and ground-based and these must be wiped out and their flak avoided if you are to make it to the next stage

You begin the game armed with extremely limited weaponry and a plane that can survive a set number of hits before exploding, but further supplies can be bought from the squadron's weapons store or picked up after you have annihilated certain attack waves and collected the icon they leave behind.


Tiertex have neatly incorporated everything from the coin-op, but whilst this ensures that the game you buy is the one you've played in the arcades, I can't help but feel that UN Squadron is an unimpressive shoot'em-up with very little new in it. It has all the usual shops and extra weapons, along with some smart end-of-level guardians. A near perfect conversion of a dull coin-op.


There are a few ditties, and the actual in-game effects are particularly effective with some powerful explosions as your missiles hit home.


Close to those of the coin-op. Things tend to get cluttered, some of the enemy get lost against the backdrops, and can cost you valuable lives.


There are so many decent shoot em-ups on the Amiga, that any new entries have to be really special to succeed. UN Squadron is a conversion of a relatively unknown but playable little game, and Tiertex have come up trumps with a nigh on perfect conversion. However, the original game wasn't exactly ground-breaking, and this is reflected in UN Squadron's fun but ultimately short-lived gameplay. In addition, there are also a couple of annoying niggles, such as the enemy planes disappearing into the colourful backdrops making them almost impossible to see. But this aside, the shoot 'em-up action is still playable, just don't expect to be playing it in two month's time.


A good conversion from the arcade, but the arcade version wasn't that much cop. The graphics and sound are of good quality, but the gameplay is a little lacking. The different enemies are all basically the same and don't keep your interest for very long. At some points during the game the screen becomes very cluttered, and if you're playing with a friend it's chaos. UN Squadron isn't that bad, but it's not great.

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