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Captain Flynn is having a really bad day. Not only has he lost his ship on the rocks of a foreign island, but all his crew have been kidnapped as well. Being the hardy sea dog that he is, he won't let any minor things like the fact he's only got one leg and that his parrot has flown off with next door's budgie get to him. He will save the crew and recover a ship if it's the last thing he ever does. Apparently.

To get a new ship and reclaim his crew, he has to partake in a four-way scrolling platform game, leaping from lip to lip, collecting objects and stabbing all manner of opponents, from sharks to shell fish, from pirates to princes, with his cutlass. It's all very standard fare, with colored keys opening colored doors, and various other power ups opening certain parts of the map. We've all seen it before, and we know how it all works.

As usual there are all sorts of bonus levels and sections, which are discovered by collecting parts of a treasure map on each level. When you have collected all the different parts of the map, you are then transported to a single, very long scrolling platform section. Also, there are bonuses for gems collected, secret passages to be found and a myriad of other hidden features.

One of the best platform games available. You control pirate captain Flynn, and has to find the treasure on the treasure island. The crew of you ship was captured, so you have to free them too. Beware of the other evil pirates!

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