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A GOOD adventure is either written in such a way so as to not encourage you to look too carefully at certain items, or simply tells you that the table is "just a table". Should you wish to pursue the more thorough approach of examining everything, I can recommend Uninvited by Mindscape, distributed by Mirrorsoft.

This has a similar operating system to Shadowgate. It is mouse controlled with only 10 commands - Examine, Open, Close, Speak, Operate, Go, Hit, Consume, Save and Load. Operate is the key word. This enables a large variety of actions. For the normal get, drop and move, position the pointer over an object and drag it.

The graphics are very good, and although the picture showing your location is not that large, there is a surprising amount of detail. The sound effects are well thought out: Thunder and lightning, creaking doors, cackles of bubbling maniacal laughter, screams and growling dogs... all ideal for a story of ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night.

Driving along a deserted country road with your younger brother during a storm, you suddenly have to swerve to avoid running over a shadowy figure that appears out of the dark. You lose control and crash. Waking up, you discover that your brother is no longer in the car, presumably he has gone to call a tow truck. As you fully regain your senses, you realise that there is a strong smell of petrol. If you are quick, you may be able to get out before the car blows up. The need for a tow truck has suddenly become irrelevant. Only one house, an old Gothic mansion, is in sight. Your brother must surely have gone there for help. The front door is unlocked and as you enter it slams shut behind you. And so the adventure begins. The kitchen is an investigative adventurer's paradise. Each utensil can be examined, even the racks holding them are separate items. Open a cupboard or container and an additional window will appear showing what is inside. Most contain nothing.

As you explore you will find it is extremely easy to die. Try and visit any of the rooms off the hall and what seems to be a beautiful woman appears. Ignore her and she turns out to be fiendish killer. In a storage closet on the first floor you'll find several useful items, one of which will deal with the unwelcome woman in the hall. Just make sure it is ready for use before she appears. Having mastered this puzzle, you are free to explore the house and gardens. Every location has plenty to check out. There is almost too much; it is far from easy to spot what is useful.

A most enjoyable adventure but do make notes of what you find. With so many objects lying around it is easy to forget exactly where you saw them.

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