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This is a CD-ROM history lesson cleverly designed as a mystery. The Queen's necklace has been stolen, and you, the trusty investigator, have a short six days to track down the thief. The Royal Palace at Versailles is the scene of the crime. Aided by the mischievous Louis Cat Orze, a feline of royal descent if there ever was one, you must explore the palace and the surrounding countryside, listen in on conversations, and occasionally pick a pocket. Louis Cat Orze isn't a free ride, though-fees must be paid, palms greased, and while you begin the game with a certain amount of livres, you have to investigate thoroughly and learn about the era in order to earn more. Or you can try your hand at the Palace Games to increase (or decrease) your purse. Once you think you know the identity of the thief, you can present your accusation to the king - if you can afford to see him, and if you haven't been thrown into the Bastille! It has its share of pitfalls; some of these you learn by doing, and some are buried in the manual (read it completely). You'll need to listen carefully to understand what's going on, for what people say can lead you in different directions - some are plausible dead ends, but some will be of real value. Learning about the 17th century is the only way you'll win. The drawings are somewhat cartoonish and the animation is minimal. Secret passages, exchanges of money in the Orangerie, the clink of gold coins in the Grand Apartment and gossip in the Hall of Mirrors all play an important part in this riveting mystery. You only have six days to solve the mystery. The game includes 75 biographies of people who lived during this period. A mesmerizing soundtrack is performed by a full chamber orchestra.

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