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Wings Of Death. The name doesn't give away too much. When I told the neighbourhood games testers the name of my new game they all thought it sounded like an aeroplane game - perhaps set in the second world war. Well, NO. Wings of Death is not a war game, but it is a first class shoot-em-up.

As usual, the object of the game is to blast everything in sight and try to make it to the end of the level. The way the writers of the game describe, is like this: "Wings of Death is the utter challenge for those among you who can shoot fast and furious or for those who simply love to shoot everything that moves." Or that doesn't move, actually. And that about sums it up.

Here's the plot. You are a magician who has been placed under a curse by a wicked witch and the only way to have the curse removed is to find the witch and force her to reverse it. This will be no easy task. There are seven levels to complete and they become progressively harder - each has a big nasty monster to kill at the end (I have been at it for some time now and have nearly completed two levels - but I am not about to give up. Far from it). The curse the witch has placed on you has turned you into a bat, but don't worry, you are armed. During the game you're able to change into another flying creature. You could become a flying dragon, a gryphon, an eagle or even an insect. Each creature has different flying capabilities as well as the different weapons - and what about the weapons!!

This has got to be the A+ part of this game - the range of weapons is great (and it won't be very easy to describe them in print). The insect has a weapon called the SPREADFIRE. Not the most effective weapon but a good start. The bat has a thing called the CIRCLEBLAST. This is really neat. It is a bomb that explodes in all different directions. The eagle has a POWERBEAM - nothing out of the bag but very effective. The dragon spits out the DRAGONFIRE, but it is the gryphon that has the really amazing weapon called THUNDERBALLS. This one has to be seen to be believed.

Each of the weapons can be changed or improved as you make your way through each level. All you need to do is pick up the weapon bonus (a small shape in the field of play) when it appears. If you pick up the same weapon bonus as the weapon you are presently using then it enhances your weapon and makes it more powerful. If you pick up a different weapon bonus then your weapon changes.

The idea of the different weapons is that different situations call for different fire power. Combine these unusual weapons with what can only be described as great graphics and the whole thing looks really good. It is clear and crisp. I hate looking at games where the characters are not very clearly defined, but this game looks superb. And the sound is good too. You have three options available to you, just music and shooting SFX, music, speech shooting SFX or just the shooting SFX. The music is good and keeps you hyped up as you make your way through the level.

As you can probably tell I like the game a lot. The weapons are just amazing and you really have to see them to know what I mean - but as for me I'm going back to see if I can complete level 2.

A cool shoot 'em up game with smooth scroll. You have to control a little dragon flyer and make him grow. Shoot eveybody and avoid the traps! Amazing music by Jochen Hippel!

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