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Anybody fortunate enough to have seen the original Zombie Massacre will no doubt be more than happy to receive a second installment, as it was, quite simply, one of the most mindlessly violently and genuinely enjoyable chunks of PD we've seen in a fair old while. If you don't know the game I'm talking about, it was an Operation Wolf clone, with a mouse controlled cross hair, and a screen filled with dismembered bodies roaming around, groaning, moaning, and just begging to be gunned down in a spray of blood. Or fed a grenade, with much the same effect. With more blood.

So what should you expect from the sequel? Well, more blood for starters, not forgetting more types of zombie, more backgrounds, more squelchy noises accompanying every dispatched member of the undead, plus a new, improved, nifty gun, grenades, AND a sexy missile launcher. Hurrah! The zombies are animated in a much more 'realistic' way, with torsos dragging themselves across the screen, classic 'arms-in-front' zombies running from side to side, and naked men plodding back and forth, and all this while knife wielding madmen appear at the base of the screen and try their best to stripe you. Great fun for all the family!

You have one life, shown by an ever-decreasing energy bar, and will take damage every time a walking zombie gets to the other side of the screen, or a static zombie manages to get his knife 'in you'. You have a limited bullet supply, which can be boosted by occasional supplies which fall from the sky. You can also collect grenades which work as screen-clearing smart bombs, plus missiles that work as, well... missiles really.

The game provides no real challenge for anyone with half a cat's reaction, but that doesn't stop it from being intense fun - especially as the programmers seem to have spent most of their time ensuring that the sound effects are spot-on, not to mention the way that the zombies leave behind a fair proportion of the body after being killed. Nice! You're more likely to die due to lack of bullets than the zombies' attack, but to be honest, who gives a poo when games are this much fun?

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