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The Bitmap Brothers first game gets a new lease of life at a welcome new price thanks to 16 Blitz/Mastertronic. This is a cracking vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up that's aged remarkably well. You have a choice of attack craft - either a land-based futuristic tank or sci-fi jet fighter - as you attempt to wipe out screen-packed levels full of armoured attack craft, swivelling gun turrets, and assorted marauding aliens. There are 4 levels to complete, each divided up into four sections. Each section has its own sentinel to blast to smithereens as well as an even bigger end-of-level guardian that soaks up fire power like a sponge. Along the way there are extra weapons and power-ups to collect which are usually concealed underneath gun emplacements. After a futuristic first level of domes and tiled squares the second level involves guiding the fighter through an assault course of guided missiles and alien attack ships. The third involves switching between the two craft in a level similar to the first one while it's back to the fighter for the fourth and final round.

Xenon features arcade quality graphics, an up-beat musical score and addictive playability. An essential addition to anyone's software library.

One of the first shooters and probably one of the worst. Pretty normal for a start, isn't it? Just fly around and shoot anything You see. That's it...

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