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Time-travel is tricky at the best of times. But when aliens from the future are invading the past, it's time for a soldier of tomorrow to journey to yesterday... to stop them today (follow that!).

A horde of aliens, known only to us as Geeks, have put the safety of the Earth in jeopardy. Having stolen a time machine from an Earth space station, they plan to travel back to important moments in history and change the course of the future. The simple act of preventing the wheel from being invented could disrupt every major technological invention.

Only one hope remains, to send a soldier back in time to stop them in their tracks. That soldier is you, the Zone Warrior. Next stop the stone age...

WHAT'S THAT OLD SAYING? Never judge a book by its cover. Zone Warrior may look awful, but sit down and play it for a few minutes and you'll soon realise exactly how brilliant a game this is. At first, there doesn't appear to be too much to it, just run around, shoot a few bad guys and find the hostages. But if you take a moment to flick through the manual you discover there's more to it than meets the eye. Essentially your initial impressions are right, it is just a basic running around, shooting things affair, but the simple additions of the compass directions and the map has turned it into something with a bit more class. Sure, it has its problems, not least of which is in the graphic department.

Sprites occasionally get caught in the backdrops and when you shoot away a hedge it leaves behind a solid black square, but aren't all the really excellent games flawed in some way? When you get down to brass tacks, Zone Warrior is a healthy mix of extremely playable action and just the right amount of thought. Oh -and the music is incredible!

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