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Whereas the original Barbarian was a simple, one-one-one fighting affair, its sequel is a far superior romp with a large element of exploration added to the gruesome combat. With four large levels to explore and a never-ending supply of opponents to do battle with, there's certainly enough to keep any violent adventurer happy for a while.

One of its shortfalls, however, is the rather shoddy graphics. Whereas the 8-bit versions were praised for their large and detailed visuals, the Amiga version doesn't inspire a similar response. Fortunately it doesn't have too much of an adverse effect on the hack-and-slash gameplay.

The value it represents as a budget game is enough to soften the blow of any criticism levelled at it - just don't expect another First Samurai...

Second episode of the Barbarian series. Not really the same game. You have to walk in levels like forest and beat your enemy.

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