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Apidya is the 11th best game on the Amiga, and also the machine's finest horizontally-scrolling shoot-'em-up. It hasn't been surpassed since it was originally reviewed way back in AP13.

Certainly, it's hard to think of a more potent beast to be in control of than a wasp. (Much better than a boring old spaceship.) And what better place to start your mission than a nice garden, on a glorious summer's day? As you fly along, you'll be attacked by fellow Invertebrates, all armed to the teeth, as well as small feral mammals. Knock out a whole wave of baddies and little flowers will be released. These are power-ups, and will boost your ship's capabilities in a way that'll be familiar to anyone who's played coin-ops like Nemesis or R-Type-speed-up, bombs, two-way laser, extra-powerful bullets, drone ships (one of which can be controlled by a second player, interestingly) and so on.

Later levels take place in a pond, a sewer and a futuristic mocha-world (there are five worlds altogether, with around three levels on each), and all look absolutely gorgeous, with delicious backgrounds and highly-detailed (if occasionally a bit small and weedy) sprites. I'm not too sure about the music, though, it sounded like a lot of beeping and funny noises to me, although it's certainly better than you normally get

In terms of look and feel, Apidya can clobber anything on the Mega Drive or SNES, and it's intensely playable, too. Your wasp feels exactly right to control: the enemy attack patterns have been perfectly designed to make your life hell while always giving you a fighting chance: the screen is constantly awash with baddies; and it's got a get-sightly-further-each-time-you-play factor that makes it impossible to stop trying.

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