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There is one major problem with Base Jumpers and it is this. When you are playing in two, three, or four (human) player mode, and one (or two, or three) perishes, they are forever out of the game. Until you start again. This considerably decreases the fun (and there is a great deal on offer) because, of course, you want to tackle your friends for a length of time.

Much of the joy disappears when your mates die and you have to continue on your lonesome, for then you can't leave them flailing as you mount ladders at pace, collecting letters and jumping on the heads of roaming security guards, vampires and their ilk. Oh, and the other problem is the price of the game.

Let me explain. Base Jumpers is a game where you climb to the peak of a level on ladders - occasionally utilising the extra bounce of a spring. Upon reaching the summit, the screen switches to a fiendishly daring parachute mode where, after hurtling off of a roof, you attempt to impale your opponents on pipes and the odd protruding flagpole before opening your shute as late as you dare. That's it. It's completely fab, in a rather limited and unsophisticated way.

En route, there are letters to collect, arrows and explosives to avoid, magnets to shy from, chasms to traverse and spiky pits to hop over. Simple fare, indeed. The combinations of letters can swoop you into one of 11 sub-games as well as reward you with a points bonus. Actually, the letter combinations can change the game in a pile of ways, most of which your correspondent has yet to discover.

Base Jumpers is somewhat tedious in one-player mode, lacking in depth and in variety of play, but when friends are involved it can be a gas, particularly when four are fighting it out on screen. Players who scroll off the bottom of the screen shoot forward, losing points in the process and the subsequent parachute shoot-out is more involving because the computer's 'shutists avoid argy bargy. But Base Jumpers shouldn't be a full-price game. Knock a tenner off and recommendation is forthcoming, Too pricey for simple pleasures.

Good platform game with side scrolling engine and bungie jumpers. It allowed a 1-4 player option and was released on OCS Amiga and CD32 also.

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