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SOUL, that's what you want in a game. In Bubble Ghost you get five. This French charmer first appeared on the ST back in issue Four, and it's a game in which you play the part ol a ghost trying to guide his soul (represented by a bubble) through the rooms of a castle. But how do you move a bubble without bursting it? Simple - you blow.

The cute little ghost can be rotated lull circle to let you blow the bubble at whatever angle is necessary to guide it through the rooms, and as you progress through the castle the hazards get tougher and more varied. Not only that, to collect bonus-points you have to beat a stiffish time limit.

The real charm ot the game comes from the graphics and the humour. It's also a game where you don't actually have to kill anything! Blow too hard and too long and the little ghost turns red and emits a horrible rasping cough. Complete a screen sucesslully and he will sometimes execute a happy little somersault. There's a puzzling element too, in that many of the hazards and obstacles can only be successfully switched off by ... well, perhaps that's something you should work out for yourselves.

Bubble Ghost is funny, entertaining and quite a challenge. It's just a pity then that there are only forty odd rooms to get through - given the games immense playability and addictiveness you're going to complete it all too soon.

I used to play this game a long long time ago, I could barely believe it when I saw this game on a site for me to download. I downloaded it right away, even though I couldn't remember what the game was about or anything like that. I just downloaded it from my nostalgic curiosity to see if it really was a good game or if it was just because I was young and didn't have many games at the time. Never the less, the game wasn't the game I remembered, because I had in fact played Bubble Ghost +, and not this out dated version. Still, it is exactly the same, apart from the obvious graphical difference.

In the game you play a ghost who, for whatever reason, has to blow a bubble around various obstacles to the exit without it exploding. Quite a simple arcade concept, but extra ordinarilly tricky to complete. There are several levels to keep you occupied. You can even play in two players against a friend if you so desire. A pretty good arcade game all in all.

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