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Bob Cat is a real lad about town Every night he's out painting the town red or wowing the girls in the various night clubs. But even though Bob Cat has loads of lady friends, there is only one that he loves - Claudette cat. She has big beautiful eyes and takes hours perming her hair, and Bob is intent on making her his queen.

Our story starts just as Bob is leaving his house on the way to see the love of his life, Claudette, but just as he arrives at the back of her house he sees her being tossed into the back of van which abruptly zooms off down the street Bob tried to catch up with the van, but it was to no avail. Claudette had been catnapped. To his dismay Bob did notice a sign on the side of the van that read 'Mad Scientist Inc.' Bob hoped that it wasn't the infamous scientist renowned for his horrendous animal experiments, but if it was, then he must save Claudette before it is to late

Controlling Bob in his misson to save Claudette will take you through four danger packed levels, each level getting slightly harder than the last. Your journey will be obstructed by dozens of animals that have all been mutated by the scientist's evil experiments. There are four levels in all, with the fourth taking part inside the mad scientist's evil warehouse where he works on the ill fated animals he has managed to capture.

However, Claudette is not the only one you have to save. You soon realise that a lot of your other friends have been caught by the scientist, and before you can leave a level you will have to rescue six of your imprisoned chums. But your friends aren't that easy to get to, and many a high jump will be needed to get to their cage so you can release them.

Apart from the mutated monsters there is a host of other awful things to gnaw away at your nine lives. One particularly nasty object is one of the mad scientist's evil potions. Drinking any of these will activate some kind of weird effect on you. Although not all the potions will harm you, they make you very vulnerable and unable to move so if there are any nasties around they will be able to sap your energy without you being able to defend yourself, so no drinking while you are on the job. However, you're not totally defenseless. Armed with a ball of the latest synthetic wool, and with a quick flick of the wrist you can strike out with the wool knocking any foe unconscious.

Who has 9 lives? Of course the cats! So you control a cat in this platform game. The graphics is funny but the quality is poor. Maybe the good music can compensate you for that.

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