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Funny that I've been playing this game on and off for a week now, and I've only just noticed that there's a blatant, hideous, and for all I know, entirely unintentional pun in the title. It would have rated higher if both bits of the pun had worked, for instance, if it had cartoon graphics of cars and was caned 'Cartoon' I'd have been impressed, but I haven't the foggiest what a 'nage' is.

There are only a few things to say about this one. I like it, and it's one of those Super Sprint games where you race round in cars and view the tracks from above. Not that it's got the hallmarks of being a good game. On first inspection, your reaction is to go "Bluurg". I mean, look at the screenshot, the cars are ala single-colour and about two pixels square, and there's no excuse to use any gratuitous parallax scrolling. Even when you first play it, you get the feeling that this is a real dog with fleas.

Then you start playing with a friend, or even three other friends, find out you can drop land mines, and even get to grips with the seemingly over-responsive control system that initially lets you do nothing but crash into walls and drive round in circles. Congratulations, you've passed the game-event horizon, where you can actually play the game, and what jolly, unpretentious fun it is too. Obviously, there's nothing ground-breaking here as race games of this type go back to the days when colour meant sticking coloured plastic strips over your telly. There are, however, 16 circuits, and some of them are real toughies. The tracks cross over each other repeatedly, and there are even a few where you loop back and face the tail-enders head on, which is just a startling stroke of genius.

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