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I've never really liked driving games, but maybe that's because the only ones that I've had a go at have been utter tripe with jerky graphics and awful controls. However, what do you think has transpired? Yes, I can honestly say that I've seen the light Vroom has to be the coolest best tour-wheeled fun I have had in many a millennia. The most notable features are the smooth and ultra-fast graphics and the realistic sounds. As you hurtle around the six available circuits, the engine sound changes pitch with each gear change and acceleration and, with practice, the sound of the engine will tell you when to change gear without having to look at the rev counter.

Even the engine sounds from the other cars rise in pitch as you approach, then fall as you leave them standing. There are tunnels to whizz through on your manic way to victory, which produce a whooshing sound as you go through them, and of course there is the inevitable clang! as you mistime a turn or crash into some Sunday driver.

It's not all about keeping on the track though - for instance, you'll have to maintain your tyres should you be too keen on leaving the tarmac to say hello to rapidly oncoming trackside objects. Each crash will diminish their performance and gripping ability, making those tight turns a nightmare. You also have to keep an eye on your fuel level. To help you with all these problems there's a friendly neighbourhood pit stop. Here you can refuel and replace worn tyres to improve your chances of attaining that number one position You must also be careful about putting too much strain on the engine. Too many revs or changing down to a tower gear too quickly and the engine will decrease in performance and will eventually bolw up.

The control system is pure delight. You can use either a mouse or joystick to weave your way around the track, and very smooth it is too. You will even see the hands on the steering wheel and the front wheels of the racer move in relation to your turns. Changing gears is pretty slick too. With a joystick plugged in, you drop down a gear by pulling back and pressing the Fire button. Alternatively, with a mouse the left and right buttons act as up and down gear changes. Pushing forwards on the mouse or joystick increases acceleration. If you find gear changes too tricky, you have the option of selecting automatic gear changes, but this spoils the fun a little l think. There is a training mode for you to use for practicing and memorising each track, but the ultimate test of your driving skill comes in the racing mode. Here you may enter your name and you are then given a list of the other drivers in the Grand Prix.

The main race is preceded by a qualifying session which will determine your starting position depending on how well you did. You can even save your progress by pressing the function keys. Yes, I have to admit, I've been converted into a driving freak. I must rush out and apply for a Formula 1 driving licence straight away. If you like the fast lane, then this racey number is for you.

Feel like Eddie Irvine today? Try Vroom! A very good racing-sim. The best one I've played so far. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out, why only the arcade-version works. Well, if anybody finds out, please let me know. But the racing itself is fine - works pretty good. What should I say? Fine thing - if you like racing this is definetely a must-check-out!

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